Chicken Tandoori Rice – Kelly’s Food Emporium, Aldgate


In order to keep my readers nicely entertained, I find myself always on the lookout for new places to grab lunch. Today’s joint was spotted on the way to gym. Yes, I go to the gym, otherwise I’ll be Ms Michelin in no time with the huge lunches I eat!


Kelly’s Food Emporium is located along Aldgate High Street and what attracted me to it was posters on the glass windows saying “Organic Ramen and Udon!”. Being the ever Noodle Queen and having not had noodles for lunch the past couple of days (Ok, I lied, I did have noodles at Kung Food), thought I give it a try.


Growing up in Singapore, we have quite a few emporiums which are department stores that sells a variety of goods. So what is a food emporium? A stores that sells all sorts of food! Looking at the menu of Kelly’s, I think they offer everything a typical English would like for lunch.


Looking in from the main entrance, on the near right, there is a fridge area where stored made filled bread options and salads are located. Following along, there is a grill counter which serves burgers, all day brekkie, sausage and bacon rolls. Right at the back, a split counter serving hot foods and filled sandwiches. Finally on the left, you have a bank of cash registers.

Posters do lie! I was looking around the place for the “Organic Ramen and Udon” which tempted me to this place. After walking around the place for a couple of minutes, figured out that they only serve what I wanted on Weds! Felt bloody cheated (pardon my French)! Walked around the emporium a couple of minutes more and nothing caught my fancy. Seeing that I have taken pics of the place, I’m committed. So settled for the daily special of Chicken Tandoori, Basmati Rice and Special Salad. The dish is already prepacked in a plastic container and the server simply pop it into an oven to warm up. At £5.50, I was a bit skeptical about the container size thinking it might not be enough after my big gym session. But when the server handed over the package, I was assured. It felt nice and weighty.


I was sorely disappointed 😦 Was concerned that the chicken slices will be dry, it was not. Thanks God! But there was no tandoori taste to it at all. The rice was soggy and on the mushy side. The sauce that was liberally smeared on top was the saving grace. It was filled with tomatoes, capsicum, spinach and onions. What was I expecting from a Jack of all trades emporium? Not ever going back!

Kelly’s Food Emporium
1 Minories
London EC3N 1 BJ
0911 775 6682


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