Chinese Lunch Box – Kung Food, Liverpool Street


Hiiiiyaaaa! It’s Kung Fu time! Oops! It’s actually Kung Food. Ok, I will stop the silliness. Was walking to Liverpool Street station yesterday and came across this small Chinese Takeaway. Thought their lunch deal looked generous and I am starving today.


Kung Food is located on a side street diagonally opposite Liverpool Street Station. It’s just next to Woodins Shade which you can see from the main road. As you can see from it’s frontage, it’s pretty small with a small steamer table and the cooking area directly behind. No seating area available so it’s a pure takeaway joint. Apparently, it has a branch in Clerkenwell. Please leave a comment if you have tried that branch.


Now you understand why I’m tempted eh? A carb, 3 dishes and a starter all for £5! Apart from the Chinese Lunch Box, it also has a regular takeaway menu and a menu written only in Chinese. I did take a look at the “racist” menu but found nothing that makes it so special that non-Chinese readers might be offended.


Of the many main dishes on offer, I went with the Black Bean Beef, Aubergine with Minced Pork and Salted Pepper and Chilli Chicken Wings. I got the fried noodles for my carb and finished it off with Spring Rolls. After dishing it out on a plate, realised everything is brown, not exactly healthy I know. Should have gone for something red perhaps?

Was my £5 well spent? I think it was. The noodle portion was generous with bean sprouts scattered throughout. The Black Bean Beef was hearty and flavoursome though I can’t taste much black bean. The Salted Pepper and Chilli Chicken Wings was actually pretty spicy! One of the better versions I have tasted. The Spring Rolls kept it’s crunch during the transport back to the office which is good, could have been better if the filling was more generous. The disappointment was the Aubergine with Minced Pork. The aubergine was way overdone and thus is a mushy mess and I can’t taste minced pork anywhere. Trust me, I’ve looked. Overall, ok meal, would try some of the other dishes next time.

Kung Food
126A Middlesex Street
London E1 7HY
0207 247 1088


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