About junk4lunch

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have creating it.

I’m a mid 30s female currently living in London, UK. Most people will say I have a weird sense of humour and I sure love my food. In fact, I think my love for food borderlines obsession! Please don’t be surprised by my portion size, guess I’m still a growing girl 🙂

I read a lot of food blogs and the London based blogs in general follow trends in food. So you will find many blogs blogging about current popular eateries at about the same time. While that is a good thing as you can compare and contrast what each blogger feels, I think there is a gap in the london food blog scene.

What I will try to blog about will be interesting (well, interesting to me)and affordable lunch options. Food from eateries off the regular radar. I will try my best to avoid the typical store bought sandwiches. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “About junk4lunch

    • Thanks Hans! Well, my site is predominately about takeaway lunch around my office. I tend to try and eat something interesting, not that instant noodle is not! Also, the pantry at my office is puny…hard to prep noodles.

      But perhaps I will do one for this weekend’s lunch?

      Will bear in mind the noodle aisle idea next time I’m at an Asian market. My noodle stash is still quite full currently.


  1. great blog ! Has definitely proven helpful this lunchtime- I think I have a v similar taste to you when it comes to lunches. I’ll go out of my way to avoid the dreaded “sandwich from Pret”


  2. Hello, have you eaten at Tinseltown or Wildowood restaurants, yet?
    I like eating out but I haven’t made a food blog but I’ll consider doing so now!


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