Spicy Filleto Pizza – Go, Spitalfields


Thought I be a tad sinful and indulge in a pizza today. Rather then to go to those cheap and cheerful chicken and pizza place along Bricklane or the “don’t go without a 2 for 1 voucher” Pizza Express, I decided to give Go a go!


Go is located along Brushfield Street a couple of units away from Pho. It’s a small place mainly occupied by the serving counter and the many ovens behind. There are 2 bar counters that perhaps sit max of 6.


You walk up to the counter, decide whether you want pizza, several bread options then decide the topping or filling combination you want. You choice is assembled in front of you so you have the chance to say more of this or less of that etc.


I decided to go with the Spicy Filleto which is steak, red onion, jalapeno, chilli flakes on a bed of cheese and tomato sauce. Went for a 10 inch instead of 6. In this instance, size does matter! The 10 inch is £6.50 while the 6 inch is £4.75. The filled sandwiches are £4.50 if I recall correctly. The other pizza options include Pollo Pesto, Four Seasons, Pizza Parma etc. Sorry for the glare in the pic! The pizza base is already pre-baked and the server just proceed to assemble my pizza and stick it into the oven behind. All done in less than 3 minutes I would say! Piping hot and ready to eat!


I’m pretty happy with my pizza especially when I had a chance to put in as much chilli flake and parmesean cheese on top. As the base is pre-baked, it’s crispy but it’s not an Italian style pizza whereby it’s thin crusted. The Tomato sauce base is nice and deep, the red onion gives the pie a crunch. Can’t really taste the beef but the jalapeno definitely came across.


Next time, I will try their filled breads. The fellow in front of me has a filled focaccia and it look fab! At £4.50, good value.

36 Brushfield Street
Spitalfields, London
E1 6AT


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