Fish Curry – Amar Gaon, Brick Lane


The weather has turned in London. It has been raining cats and dog since yesterday and I had to make a dash nearby to get lunch. Wanted something warm and spicy to counter the relentless rain so decided to give Amar Gaon another go.

I have written about Amar Gaon previously and have wanted to give the other curries a try. Seeing the menu is not in English I have to resort to point and ask. Settled on a fish curry and a side of stewed mix veg. Not too sure what fish I had, it’s either a Rohu or a Boal. I think it’s probably a Boal (Catfish) as there was a piece of skin with the fish and it does not look like it has scales on it. Also added a meat samosa to my order and at a total of £5, thought it’s a pretty good deal.


The fish curry was surprisingly spicy. Reminds me of Asam Pedas, a sour Malaysian fish stew which I crave for every now and then. Wished there was more fish in my portion but for £5, can’t complain. The veg stew was very good as well. I spotted pieces of gourd, potatoes, aubergine and some herbs and spices. The samosa as usual was huge with ample meat filling.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m off on holiday from tomorrow but I will still try to blog what I eat for lunch when possible. Hope I don’t drop my tablet in the sea!

Amar Gaon
50 Brick Lane
London E1 6RF
0207 377 6688