Flaming Dragon Curry – JJ Moon, Ruislip Manor


Junk resorted to having dinner by herself in da hood last week. Blame the Boom for being mentally inflexible and leaving Junk all by her lonesome. In fact, the abandonment turnout to be a blessing in disguise as Junk managed to worm herself into a small pow wow by the pub’s regulars and had a great time! 😉 But that’s a story for another day…

image-4166-jjmoonJJ Moon is a Weatherspoon pub and is located directly opposite the Ruislip Manor tube station. Don’t be fooled by the frontage of the pub, it is very spacious inside and it even has a couple of tables in a small patio area right at the back. Come evening time, the front of the pub will be filled with regulars and smokers and can be rather intimidating but fear not, they don’t bite and are in fact a pretty nice bunch.


Seeing it’s Thursday which is Curry Club in most/all (??) Weatherspoon pubs, I went with the hottest option on the menu. I’m sure you have seen menus whereby the number of chili icon by an item indicates how spicy it is? I never found that scale to be trustworthy and went “poo poo” to myself when I ordered The Flaming Chicken Curry with 5 chili icons. The meal with a pint of cider cost £5.99 and I threw in a couple of Vegetable Samosas for £1.

After ordering, decided to study the menu in more detail and noticed a phrase in brackets “Y Ddraig Fflamllyd”. Looks like Welsh and it even has a trademark symbol next to it, this is a job for Google! From my searches, it would seem like it’s a product trademarked by a Welsh company producing ready made food for wholesale and retail. I guess Weatherspoon caters this curry from them. Welsh curry eh? Who would have guessed!


Enough of sleuthing, back to the food. Starting with the mundane, the Vegetable Samosa were pretty awful. The filling was fine, typical mix bag of diced veg and the wrapping was also nice and crispy. The problem was its filled with oil! Guess the chef did not drain the samosa before service. Then again at £1, can’t really complain.


From the mundane, we move on to the fiery. Wow! Junk is pretty blown away by this smoking chook! This really deserves the 5 chili icon I have to admit, its a rare occasion when Junk is left panting by the spiciness of food and believe you me, this left me slightly winded. Took 2 pints of cider to finish my meal. Well, I would normally have 2 pints or more anyways but this time, I needed it. Apart from the heat, the curry has a nice tangy flavour with bits of bits of red peppers laced throughout and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Boom! I challenge you to a Flaming Chicken Curry showdown! Or are you too chicken (pun very much intended!) to take me on!

JJ Moon
12 Victoria Road
Ruislip Manor
London HA4 0AA
01895 622373


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