Beef Brisket Noodle Soup – Hing Loong, Borough High Street


I know the weather is balmy and not exactly right for soup noodles. But when the soul needs warming, the weather is sometime not be enough to do the trick. Last week, managed to find some time to visit a local Chinese joint I have spotted on my wanderings.


Located along Borough High Street, Hing Loong unlike a typical Chinese takeaway, has ample seating with simple, yet modern decor. The main menu looks like a typical Chinese food establishment but the lunch menu looks to be OK especially the 2 course lunch menu at £7.50 which include a drink. But I was tempted by Beef Brisket Noodle Soup and at £6.50, not exactly cheap, but we shall see.



My order came within minutes of ordering as 1. The joint is not packed 2. Looking at the menu, they must have a big pot of brisket stewing away in the kitchen. The big bowl of noodle soup steaming which is a good sign, I do like my soup scorching hot. I went for the egg noodle option as I did not feel like ho fun (broad rice noodles) and the waitress promptly provided me with crush chilli oil when asked.


I would give this 6 out of 10. The temperature was good, the noodles were not overcooked, the chinese leaf and slice spring onion garnish was adequate. The main problem I think was with the beef brisket stew. Can you see the white bits floating in the soup? That’s the fat rendered out of the brisket, probably through over stewing. The beef brisket submerged at the bottom of the bowl were soft but mostly disintegrated. Also, the stew could do with more five spice especially star anise. A good dash of Shaoxing rich wine will not go amiss as well!


I might visit again when I need some soul healing…. but it will probably be awhile. Do like the hazy border around the closeup shot. If only it was as dreamy as it seem…

Hing Loong
159 Borough High Street
London SE1 1 HR
0207 378 8100


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