Tiger Prawn and Chorizo Linguine – Founder’s Arms, Bankside


* Sorry folks! It would seem that even after close to a full year of blogging, I’ve still yet got into the habit of photo before food! Luckily, this time I remember to take a pic after I have stirred the dish. No bites were taken, I swear!


Due to the recent good weather, the team I’m working in went out for lunch last Friday and I gladly tagged along. It’s normally a pub lunch on Fridays and the Scrum Master decided on a pub by the river.


Founder’s Arm is located just down the bank from Tate Modern and we were all worried that it will be jammed packed due to the weather and the throng of tourist. We were not fussed whether where we were seated and luckily, the crowd we saw outside the pub while we were approaching was solely confined to the outdoor seating area. Inside the pub, there was plenty of empty tables available and the views are as impressive on the inside.


Apart from the menu, there is a daily specials board and the selection as expected is similar to your regular pub fare. Most of the team went with a burger of some form so I decided to break the monotony and went to the only pasta on the menu. I was probably tempted by the light tomato sauce which I thought will be refreshing on a hot day. At £13, I was expecting big tiger prawns.


Alas, big prawns was not to be! I counted only 2 medium sized prawns in the pasta. As to whether they are tiger prawns, I can’t be sure since they were shelled and totally smothered in a rich and thick tomato sauce. The amount of chorizo pieces made up for the lacking of crustacean but they were there more for texture, unlike the smoky chorizo I love. My main complaint was the linguine. I’m not sure how one can cook pasta such that they are mushy on the outside and yet still tough and grainy on the inside? Especially when the linguine is not a thick pasta. Baffling!


Yes, not a very good lunch I’m afraid, the only saving grace was the rocket which I’ve stirred in. Next time, I’ll stick to proper pub grub and not be the contrarian.

Founder’s Arms
52 Hopton Street, Bankside
London SE1 9JH
0207 928 1899


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