Bulgogi Beef Dosirak – Kimchee, The Strand


This is another place I found in my wandering through town. Since I have a fellow colleague nearby, decided to drag him to lunch and give this place a try.


Kimchee as the name might suggest, is a Korean outfit serving Korean cuisine. Looking at there website, they have 2 outlets focusing on takeaway food with some seating area, one at The Strand and the other at New Oxford Street. There is also a full fledged restaurant somewhere in Holborn. So all within center of London.


The layout of the takeaway outlet should be familiar to most by now. There is a cold fridge area with drinks, salads and cold dishes while another warm area with the hot food. I fought my usual Noodle Queen urge and went for the warm rice boxes.


Decided on the Bulgogi Beef Dosirak which I understand is the Korean version of a bento box at £6.95. Added a side of kimchi at 99p and a Plum Tea at £1.45 (I’, pretty sure it is Plum Tea though the receipt says Citron Tea). Total bill at £9.39 which is rather steep.


The weather in London has been a blessing recently. My mate and I found ourselves eating on a park bench under bright sunshine. Feeling a tad hangover, the refreshing Plum Tea came to the rescue. Slight tangy, not too sweet, was the perfect cure for my parched throat. Served on crushed ice, that would challenge a Pimms anytime!


Have to say I’m a tad disappointed with my main choice. The beef which should be the star of the show was a tad dry and I would like it to be more seasoned. There were 2 gyozas which was average and the rest of the sides fared the same. The rice luckily was well cooked, not too dry with the rice grains intact and still sticky.


The kimchi, namesake of the outlet was a pleasant surprise. Fresh tasting, the right amount of tartness while still maintaining the crunch of the cabbage. I would gladly have eaten another portion.

I might give the soup noodles a try if I’m ever back that way but it won’t be in a hurry!

388 Strand
London WC2R 0LT
0207 240 4515


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