Penang Beef and Ginger Chicken Noodles – Bangkok Kitchen, London Bridge


Had to make a trip to the Post Office during lunchtime today so decided to pickup some lunch from the Bangkok Kitchen food truck parked just outside the Post Office.


I have blogged about Bangkok Kitchen not too long ago and if I recall, I thought the food was ok and definitely value for money. There was a couple of people before me in the queue today and I managed to pickup some ordering tips from the gentlemen. The menu say all dishes with rice and noodles for £4.50 but was not specific on whether it’s one dish or you can have a bit from the options available. The gentlemen in front of me asked for 2 dishes with noodles and he only paid £4.50 and I decided to do the same.


Not that there were options galore  As before, there were 3 choices and today’s were Red Chicken Curry, Penang Beef Curry and Ginger Chicken. I chose the Ginger Chicken as I don’t want 2 curries and went with the Pad Thai noodles instead of rice. The Penang Beef looks suspiciously like the Red Thai Beef Curry I had previously but I went for it since I don’t want to end up with 2 chicken dishes. I also added a Vegetable Spring Roll for £1 and went a bit overboard with the chili sauces as I always do.


I won’t say much about the Vegetable Spring Roll as it’s just what it is. Packed full with a mixture of glass noodles, cabbage, carrots and black wood ear mushroom, it seriously lacked seasoning. Luckily, sweet chili sauce is included which solved the taste issue. For £1, can’t complain.


It would seem that unlike Singapore Noodles which does not exist in Singapore, Penang Curry exist in Penang! Compared to last time, I think I made a much better choice this time. The beef in the Penang Beef Curry was tender probably due to the stewing process. The Ginger Chicken was the surprise dish for me. It taste strongly of ginger in a good way and was made with chicken thigh which I preferred over chicken breast. Apart from chicken, the dish also had slices of capsicum, onion and button mushroom. The Pad Thai noodle was ok, perhaps a bit mushy and too tangy for my taste. Do take my comments on the Pad Thai with a pinch of salt, I have never liked Pad Thai in the first place so am probably biased.

Bangkok Kitchen
Next to London Bridge Post Office
19A Borough High Street
London SE1 9SF


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