ze Wilde Bock – Herman ze German, Embankment


Had an offsite event work wise today and decided to take a quick 5 minutes diversion to try  out a joint which I had my eye on for awhile. Whenever I’m in the area, it was never meal time so today it’s the perfect opportunity as it close to lunch and Junk’s tum is rumbling.


Herman ze German as you can guess is a shop specializing in all things wurst and I believe I saw something on the menu board that resembles a frikadeller though they call it a meat ball. From my time in Germany I understand that a bockwurst is boiled while a bratwurst is grilled. It would seem that my understanding is not entirely accurate. From the wiki articles, the difference between the 2 is whether it is smoked or not. So a bockwurst is the smoked weiner.


Of the variety on the menu board, I went with the ze Wilde Bock which I felt had a bit of everything I would like to try. It had pomme frites (chips or fries for those of you not in the know), fried onion, the curry sauce which I went for burner strength (the hottest which is meh!) and I added some sauerkraut for 30p more.


The ze Wild Bock was £4.95, extra sauerkraut for 30p and a bottle of sparkling water for £1.25. They really get you on the drinks don’t they? Without the liquid, I felt the meal was a pretty good deal for it’s portion size.


I really enjoyed my meal! The pomme frites were lightly seasoned with a spicy salt and not oily at all as they are baked. The roll was light and crusty but not so chewy that it hard to eat. The bockwurst had a snappy casing while the filling was uniformly smooth. The smoky taste was what made it special and it went very well with the tangy curry sauce which I would like more off. The sauerkraut rounded things off perfectly with it’s fresh crunch and I appreciate that the cabbage is really thinly sliced, nothing gets in the way worse then a big hunk of raw cabbage.


I’m glad I finally got to try this. Well worth the wait and diversion.

Herman ze German
19 Villers Street
London WC2N 6NE


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