Filet-o-Fish Meal and Cheeseburger – McDonalds, Ruislip High Street


You guys must think I’m out of my mind or running out of things to blog that I got desperate! Who on earth would want to read about McDonalds? Well, apart from the one in Sharm El Sheikh with the super size menu. Hear me out though, precisely the fact that it’s so common, I was thinking no one would bother blogging about a run of the mill McDs. Being contrary you see…


I know McDs has been expanding their menu and adding healthier options but nothing compares to the original items like Big Mac, Quarter Pounder etc. There are so many options now, it’s mind boggling!


Anyway, it’s WFH today and was craving for a 99p cheeseburger from McDs. Seem  a tad mean just to get 2 cheeseburgers so I threw in a regular Filet-o-Fish Meal deal as well. The regular meal was £4.29 while the cheeseburger was 99p each from the Saver Menu. Total bill was £6.27, not cheap eh?


Funny how I always order Filet-o-Fish nowadays when I shun it back in Singapore. Guess I wanted something light and non beef to counter the cheeseburger. I especially like the soft steam buns and the tangy tartare sauce.


As for fries, I highly recommend you have them with the sweet curry sauce if you have not tried it before. I still miss the garlic chilli sauce in the Singapore McDs but curry sauce is the next best thing.


The one thing I absolutely hate is when they don’t “align” the cheese slice properly in the cheeseburger. You end up with melted cheese on the paper wrapper which feels like such a waste. But when you try to pry the melted cheese away from the wrapper, pieces of it gets torn off with the cheese. I thought McDs have a uni which train the staff exactly how to put their burgers together?


Would seem like the McDs Monopoly is back again. I have never been a fan but the Boom was when he was a kid. Don’t mind the instant win prices though… Have anyone of you strike it big in the mcDs Monopoly?

144 High Street Ruislip
London HA4 8LJ
01895 632 787


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