Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza – Domino’s Pizza


Sometime last year, the Boom came across the limited edition Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza from Pizza Hut. With hype from media stating that it is available in the UK but not in the States, the Boom insisted on trying it. So we braved the pizza delivery but alas, it was not to be. The order came without the hot dog stuffing… we were devastated.


Fast forward to last week when I riffled through the regular weekly junk mail filled with takeaway menus, discount vouchers and found something from Domino’s Pizza. Guess what? Domino’s are having their own version of Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza! Determined to have my satisfy my unrequited soiree with the Pizza Hut version, made a date with Boom to give Domino’s version a try on the weekend.


Apart from deciding which flavour of pizza to have, the next trickiest thing is to decide which deal gives you the most worth. After some tedious mental acrobatics, figured out that the £10 off orders over £25 if ordered online is the best deal.


We decided on a half and half pizza of The Sizzler and Deluxe which was £17.99 + £2.50 for the hot dog and mustard stuffed crust and 7 Frank’s Hot Wings for £4.75. Total came up to £25.24 before the £10 discount. I never order pizza takeaway or have a sit down pizza without some form of discount on hand. The discounts are so readily available that it is a sin not to use them!


So was the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust all it was hyped up to be? Well, it is a pizza with a frankfurter stuffed in it’s crust. It was not unpleasant but nothing great as well. The hot dog casing could have more bite and we detected only a slight hint of mustard. Would I have it again now that my curiosity has been satisfied? Nah!

Domino’s Pizza
Delivery available country wide


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