Hot Dog, Coke Float and Chips – Tate Modern Cafe, Bankside


At long last, the sun is out! So I went for a short walk to the Tate Modern Museum which is just down the river from me. I know there is a cafe at Tate Modern so was hoping to see whether I can grab some lunch from there.


If you approach Tate Modern from the riverside, you can see the facade of the main cafe on the right hand side of the imposing building. Entrance is within the museum itself along the turbine hall. I was pretty surprised that it’s quite a big space and was glad the server gave me a seat with the view of the river.


A Lichtenstein retrospective is running at the Tate Modern so apart from the normal lunch menu, there is also a special Lichtenstein inspired menu on offer. Did not fancy any of the items on the main menu so I went for the Hot Dog, Coke Float and Chips on the special menu. At £10 for 3 items, it’s not such a bad deal considering it is a sit down lunch with proper service.



First up was the Coke Float. I think I have ever only had Root Beer float but that was yonks ago and thoroughly enjoyed this rendition with Coke. The vanilla flavour soften the acidity of Coke and gave it a vanilla taste not unlike the Root Beer version. Tempted to buy some ice cream and Coke tonight for a rerun.


The chips was crunchy on the outside while soft and fluffy on the inside. The freshly ground sea salt goes great with it. Do use sea salt as compared to normal table salt with freshly fried chips when possible, it really makes a difference.


Lastly, the hot dog which is served with apple slaw and crispy fried onions  on a small baguette. The term “inspired” is totally adequate for this as it feels like an English version of an American hot dog, at least I was warned. The hot dog is a sausage which in itself is ok, coarsely ground filling seasoned with herbs but it is definitely not a snappy frankfurter. The baguette was a tad irritating as I was expecting a soft and fluffy hot dog bun. I would expect more tang from the apple slaw while the fried onions was what it is.


Ok, ok! The menu did say “inspired” and perhaps I’m being too harsh. I will just close my eyes and think of it as a sausage baguette! At least the view was worth the price of the meal!


Tate Modern Cafe
London SE1 9TG
0207 401 5014


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