Chicken Lasagne – Theo’s Cafe, Sackler’s Studio Southwark


Found this small cafe inside Sackler Studio while wandering around the office area. Sackler’s Studio is part of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and the cafe can be accessed via Bear Gardens along Park Street.


Theo’s Cafe serves breakfast and lunch as well as toasted sandwiches, snacks and cakes for your tea break. Today’s lunch choice included roast pollack, cottage pie, chicken lasagne and a chicken and mushroom pie. There is also a daily soup and a choice of salads. All mains comes with a choice of salads and starts from $5. I went with the chicken lasagne with the couscous, roast squash and feta salad as well as the coleslaw. The lasagne was £6.50 and I threw in a can of Coke, total was £8.


Though I love pasta, I’m have never really been a lasagne fan. Not too sure why, perhaps most places serves a square of it which can look insubstantial for greedy Junk. But looks always deceived and I was stuffed to the brim after lunch today.


First up the salads. The coleslaw was made with a combination of purple and regular cabbage with some sliced green beans throughout. The purple cabbage gave the salad a nice lilac shade which was visually pleasing but otherwise, it tastes like a normal coleslaw. The couscous, roasted squash and feta salad was something else. The combination of the sweet squash and the salty feta was a treat, would have been better if the squash and feta cubes were cut a tad smaller. As for the lasagne, it was pretty darn tasty! The tomato sauce was not too strong with the bechamel and cheese sauce taking center stage. The generous portions of spinach layered throughout helped to cut down the richness and using minced chicken made much more sense than beef in this case.


I’ll definitely be back to try other lunch specials at Theo’s Cafe.

Theo’s Cafe
Sackler Studio
Bear Gardens off Park Street
London SE1 9DT


2 thoughts on “Chicken Lasagne – Theo’s Cafe, Sackler’s Studio Southwark

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