Mixed Pasta – Caffe Fratelli, Clink Street, London Bridge


Though it’s Friday and Borough Market will be in full swing, somehow did not feel like getting lunch there. Passed by this cafe while walking to work and the offering looks good enough for a try.


Caffe Fratelli is located next to the Clink Prison Museum and just around the corner from Borough Market. The cafe is bright and spacious and is a good place to rest your feet after sampling what Borough market has to offer. Looking at the signage, they serve both breakfast and lunch with the typical pasta and toasted sandwich varieties.


I decided to have a mix of the Pesto Farfalle and Chorizo Penne. By itself, the farfalle would have cost £4.40 while the penne will be £5.55. I was charged the higher of the two which I didn’t really mind.


Have to say I was disappointed with both pasta. The sprinkling of parmesan on top of both pasta melted and congealed by the time I’m back in office and stuck all the pasta pieces into a big lump. Though the farfalle is the right shade of green, there was hardly any taste of pesto and the pasta itself was tough and gummy. The penne fared slightly better. The tomato sauce is the right side of tangy while the small bits of chorizo is smoky and provides some chew as the penne in comparison was way over done.


Seriously felt cheated having to pay £5.55 for it. Maybe the Chicken Escalope flatbread might salvage my impression of the place. But I doubt I will be back anytime soon.

Caffe Fratelli
Victor Wharf
Clink Street
London SE1 9DG
0207 234 0000


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