Thai Green Chicken & Seafood Curry – Furness Food Stop, Borough Market


It’s Thursday today and Borough Market is in full swing, compared to other weekdays, the atmosphere is much better. I know I will have choices galore and rather then wandering around undecided, I set my mind on something warm and preferably with rice. The first few stalls I came across were hogging pies and sausage rolls which I will file for the future. Then I came across this place.


Furness Fish & Game sells fresh seafood, poultry and game. They also portion off a part of their stall to sell takeaway for punters like me. Not a bad idea seeing most of the ingredients in the ready made food is from their produce stall.


On offer today was a Seafood Paella, Thai Green Chicken & Seafood Curry and a Vietnamese Chicken Curry. Was tempted by the paella but peeling prawns and shelling mussels at my desk while blogging sounds too messy even for me. I might be able to multi-task but I’m not an octopus!


Decided to go half way and went with the Thai Green Chicken & Seafood Curry. While waiting for my food, spotted the soup kettle and had a portion of Fish Soup as well. Handed over a £20 note and only got £10.50 back. Told you Borough Market can be expensive! The curry probably cost £6 while the soup is £3.50. There was no price posted and I did not bother to ask.

The Fish Soup is like a bisque, smooth and creamy and you can still taste small flakes of fish in it. But it does smell pretty fishy and I think it’s a tad too salty. I liked it though. The curry also fared pretty well. The sauce was rich with coconut cream and there was plenty of normal and shitake mushroom, capsicum, baby potatoes. A bit mean on the chicken and I only spotted 3 small shell on prawns as the token seafood. Surprisingly, the rich made the dish! Not too sure what rice it is, definitely not basmati or jasmine. Probably the bomba rice they used in the paella.The grains are plump, slightly sticky and it was nicely seasoned with salt. The combination of salty rice and the slightly sweet curry was magic.


See, I was so excited with my food that I forgot to take a closeup pic till I was almost done. Tsk, tsk, Junk, what are you like eh?

Furness Fish & Game
Borough Market Middle Market Area
8 Southwark Street
London SE1 1TL


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