Birthday Dim Sum Lunch – Taste of China, Harrow


So it was Junk’s birthday last weekend and the Boom suggested we go to LPDJ at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush for dinner as I have always wanted to try the joint but never came around to it. Instead, I woke up in the morning craving for dim sum so countered his suggestion with a dim sum lunch instead. As it’s my birthday afterall, he gladly compiled.

There are 2 Chinese restaurants along Station Road at Harrow, Taste of China and Royal China. Royal China actually took over another Chinese restaurant a couple of years back and the Boom and I used to go to that but we jumped ship to Taste of China as I find Royal China tends to be packed on weekends, is pricier in comparison and tends to be snobby.


For those of you who are not familiar with dim sum offerings, fear not! They have a special menu with coloured pictures of each dish and the price which makes ordering a breeze. Having dim sum is very much like having tapas, the dishes are small and is perfect for sharing. The aim is to order a variety of dishes and each person can have a try. If anyone wants more food, you can always add on to your order.


I think we ended up ordering perhaps 10 dishes in total. As they are served when each is ready and I was starving, did not managed to get a picture with all the dishes. Clockwise from the left we have Mixed Seafood Hor Fun, Pan Fried Turnip Cake, Salted Egg and Lean Meat Rice Porridge and Seaweed and Beancurd Skin Roll.


Clockwise from the left again, Steam Pork Ribs with Black Bean, Prawn and Chive Dumplings and Boom’s favourite, Five Spiced Chicken Feet!

Those that did not managed to make an appearance are Fried Seafood Beancurd Roll, Yam Croquettes and Shanghai Dumplings. All in the bill came up to £40+ with 2 Cokes and unlimited Chinese Tea. Not a bad deal for the pigout I would say!

So if you are ever in the area and Royal China is rammed, do give Taste of China a try.

Taste of China
172 – 174 Station Road
Harrow HA1 2RH
0208 863 1140


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