Chili Dog – Starvin Marvin’s, Perivale

20130106_starvinmarvin_chilidog1Sorry folks, I know it has been awhile since I have blogged but I assure you things will change pretty soon. Back to work next week and my next gig will take me to a different part of London with food options galore!

20130106_starvinmarvin_exterior1Starvin Marvin’s is a quirky American style diner along the A40 heading west. It is housed in what I would call a diner truck, complete with it own jukebox, open kitchen and ample booth seating. What makes it interesting is the A40, diagonally opposite Tesco Perivale is the last place you would expect an American diner

20130106_starvinmarvin_interiorThe menu consist of what you would typically find in a diner, burgers, hot dogs, pancakes and milkshake etc. I have eaten here many times, while the food is not fantastic, I think the setting is a worthy experience.

20130106_starvinmarvin_menuWas hankering for a chili dog and that was what I ordered. if I recalled, it was £6.45 with regular fries. For 40p more, you can upgrade to curly fries which I think is worthwhile. At £2, the free flow soft drink is also a good choice.

20130106_starvinmarvin_chilidog2The Chili Dog was garnished with shredded cheddar cheese and some chopped spring onions. The bun was nice and soft, the chili was not half bad and the spring onion was a nice touch. The hot dog does not have as strong a snap as I would like and more cheese would have made it much better. The highlight of the meal were the curly fries. Nicely seasoned and was nice and crunchy, well worth the 40p extra.

20130106_starvinmarvin_exterior2So if you are ever on the A40 heading west, do give Starvin Marvin’s a try!

Starvin Marvin’s
6 Western Avenue Central Parade
Perivale Greenford UB6 8TF
0208 998 5132


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