Chinese Takeaway – Paya, Ruislip Manor

It’s been awhile since I blogged so thought I drop a quick post of some takeaway Chinese Boom and I had before Christmas. It has not been a good Christmas and New Year for me as I was nursing a huge mouth ulcer on the roof of my mouth. Those of you who have had ulcers would understand, it’s close to impossible to eat. I’m probably one of the few who actually lost weight during this feasting season.


Come to think of it, the ulcer was the result of a big blister caused by the takeaway from Paya, a new Chinese takeaway joint in Ruislip Manor. Boom wanted to start the feasting season with a huge Chinese takeaway and also to endeavor on our ever fruitless quest for a good local Chinese takeaway. Looking at the menu, most dishes are £1 dearer than a typical Chinese takeaway from the area. We are not tight and will be more than happy to pay more for something good.


Boom left it to me to decide what to have so I went with (clockwise from the left), Chicken Wings with Peppercorn Salt – £5.45, Malaysian Kung Po Sauce Beef, £6.45, Black Bean Sauce Duck – £6.95 and Boom’s must have, Sweet & Sour Hong Kong Style Pork – £6.45. Also ordered a portion of Beef Ho Fan Noodles – £5.45 and cooked some rice to go with the dishes.


Verdict? Well, it’s not bad, better than some of the other Chinese takeaway we’ve had. Could not really tell the difference between the Black Bean and Malaysian Kung Po Sauce while the Sweet & Sour sauce is the typical fluorescent red. The Beef Ho Fan could be support more seasoning but at least it has some “wok hei” which is essential for a good ho fan. The best dish of the lot was the Chicken Wings with Peppercorn Salt. The wings were crispy but not dry and the fried garlic, spring onion and chili slices added savoury heat. Yum!

A couple of hints, there is a delivery charge so much better to collect in person, the Peppercorn Salt dishes in the main dish section of the menu is £1 dearer than those in the starters section. So if possible, order from the starter section. Lastly, you can order online which is great as it can sometimes be a pain ordering on the phone, differing accent and all.

20 Victoria Road
01895 622 227


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