Beef Madras Curry Club – The Ledger Building, West India Quay


Penultimate day! A few of the team decided to have lunch with me today at the pub opposite the office. They were promoting a Gourmet Hot Dog a couple of weeks ago but found none while perusing their menu. Being a Wetherspoons, every Thursday is Curry Club day. So settled for a curry instead.


The Ledger Building is a pub from the J D Wetherspoons chain and is located towards the end of West India Quay. The building a bit unassuming on the outside but is huge inside. The pub is separated into the main bar area with a dinning area on the side and 2 other dinning rooms on the other side of the main corridor. The decor is rather classy with chandeliers and really high ceilings. If I’d known it was that nice, I would have visited earlier!


The number of curries available for Curry Club varies across the pubs in the Wetherspoon chain. The Ledger Building is one of those that have a more extensive option. I settled for the Beef Madras as it’s supposedly more spicy than the rest. The main set comes with yellow rice, the curry, poppadoms, a naan bread and a drink with the option to make it a Curry Feast for £1.50 more. Yes, obviously I upsized which got me some Bombay Potatoes, a veg samosa and an onion bhaji. With the Curry Club costing £7.25 and the £1.50 for the extras, the bill should only be £8.75 but I was charged £9.05 instead. The bartender explained that I went for a pint of Pepsi thus the higher price. Duh!


The curry arrived in no time and I proceeded to tuck in. The Beef Madras was not spicy at all and definitely needs more salt but the pieces of beef was nice and tender and the serving was ample. The rest of the meal was ok, nothing much to wow about. I highly recommend getting the Bombay Potatoes though, it’s the best rendition I’ve had so far with loads of softly saute onions in a tangy tomato based sauce. Good stuff!


P/s: There is a Gourmet Hot Dog after all! It’s not in the menu but there are posters around the pub. Too bad I ordered before I spotted the posters.

The Ledger Building
4 Hertsmere Road
West India Quay
London E14 4AL
0207 536 7770


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