Lamb and Mixed Veg Tagine – Morrocan Food, Old Truman Brewery


It’s raining cats and dogs today in Londonium so forgive me for not venturing far on my lunch forage. There were still quite a few food stalls at the F block area at Old Truman Brewery which I have yet to try and it is literally round the corner from me.


Today, there was a Sri Lankan, a Mexican, a Singaporean, a Chinese, the Tibet Kitchen which I tried, a Morrocan and a bread stall. The Morrocan stall was just next to the entrance and the lady running it offered me a taste of the lamb kofta which was pretty yummy so thought why not?


Of the many tagines available, I remember there was a chicken, lamb, spinach and chickpea, mixed veg, meatball and lamb kofta. All can be served with either rice or couscous. Regular serving for £5 and go large for £6. I went with the large lamb tagine with rice and as I was busy taking pictures, the nice lady prompted me to select another dish. Why didn’t I thought about that? I picked the mix veg as I had lamb meatballs just a couple of days ago for dinner and was hoping it will be the healthier option.


There is a range of condiments like pickled chilies, jalapeno, coriander, pickled silver skin onions, fresh tomatoes which you can add to your box. The box I got was already full to the brim so I just got a couple of pickled chilies. Though it might look spicy, Morrocan food is usually rather mild from my point of view and this is no exception. The lamb pieces were tender and the profusion of curry leaves was a nice touch. I actually preferred the mix veg tagine to the lamb perhaps because I have an okra addiction, just simply love the slimy texture and the way it soaks up the flavour of whatever sauce it is cooked in. The other veg were also pretty cook if not a tad over done.

In all, good feed for £6 but not exactly titillating taste wise.

Morrocan Food
Old Truman Brewery F Block
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL


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