Classic plus veg crepe – Crepe Affaire, Old Spitalfields Market


Slowly but surely, I’m wrapping up my tenure in the East End by lunching at places I have yet to try. At the rate I’m going, don’t think I will be able to cover everyone but such is life.


I’m going slightly Continental today with Crepe Affaire, a shop selling both savory and sweet crepe somewhere in the middle of Old Spitalfields Market next to Chop’d. Reason why I have not tried it before is cos I was worried that the portion size might not be adequate for lunch. But seeing I have some leftover fried rice from dinner a couple of nights ago, I think a fusion of fried rice and crepe will be adequate for my growling tum.


Looking at the menu, both savory and sweet crepes are well presented and there are also a few lunch deals. I went with the Classic plus veg with a bag of crisp and a canned drink for £4.25. For this part of town, that’s a pretty good deal.


There is a machine in the shop that churns out the crepe skin on site and the crepe with fillings are assembled when ordered guaranteeing freshness. I’m glad I got to try this! The edge of the crepe skin without filling was light and crispy with a strong buttery taste. The combination of cheese, ham and mushroom (this is the plus veg with other choices being spinach or tomato) was rich but not cloyingly. As for portion size, it is a bit small for me but it will definitely make an ample snack.

Crepe Affaire
Old Spitalfields Market
London E1 6BG
0207 377 0200


P/S: It must be the magical season, what do I see passing Brick Lane on the way to lunch?


Yes! You got that right, it’s an unicorn!


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