Falafel Pita – Organic Chickpeas, Canary Wharf


Another one of those places I’ve been putting aside which needs to be blogged while I’m still in my current gig. Organic Chickpeas is a falafel stall located with a few other stalls at the Reuters Plaza in Canary Wharf. You will see the stalls on the right when you exit from the Canary Wharf tube station. The other stalls sells hot dogs, Indian street food and grill meat with salad.


It was really cold today and it took enormous willpower on my part to make the trek from my office block to the stall. Look at how the salad bar got fogged up! I have had the falafel pita from here before so at least I know my efforts will be worth it.


You can chose to have your falafel either as a salad bowl or in a pita bread and you can choose from white or brown pita. If falafel is not your thing, you can just settle for a bigger portion of hummus once again in pita or as a salad. Next you choose from the range of salad available but I just went with everything and got a combination of the chili and garlic sauce. The chili sauce can be quite hot so watch out. £4.75 for the falafel pita, quite cheap by Canary Wharf standard.


In all, I counted about 6 crunchy and warm falafels in the pita bread. Each falafel was as big as a golf ball and were well seasoned and not dry at all. The salad available ranges from cucumber, tomatoes, pickled red cabbage, onions and some others I forgot to note. All very fresh and matches perfectly with the chili and garlic sauce. In all, a very filling but well earned meal.

Organic Chickpeas
Reuters Plaza
Canary Wharf
London E14
0207 516 9091


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