Chicken Risotto and Wild Mushroom Ravioli – The Daily Grind, Old Spitalfields Market


Seeing that my tenure in the East End is coming to an end, I can either concentrate on eating the things I love here or I can blog about places I have yet to try. I’m going with something new today.


The Daily Grind is a small little cafe tucked in the corner of the Old Spitalfields Market. I walk by it frequently and looking at the menu, it’s a typical cafe serving toasted sandwiches, a selection of pastas, baked potatoes with choice of filling and some pastries. I went with a mix of 2 pastas as I did not feel like have a sambo. Got the server to make up a mix of Wild Mushroom Ravioli and the Chicken Risotto. At £5.50, not as good value as Mangiare but we shall see how it taste.


Did not have high hopes as most pastas at cafes are a thrown together affair, purely to fill the tum. Was pleasantly surprised though. The risotto was tangy but velvety smooth on the palate with each rice grain still intact and had plenty of shredded chicken scattered throughout. Most raviolis I have tried are either overcooked or with areas of the pasta underdone. This one was cooked perfectly with still a slight chew. If only the mushroom filling has a stronger woody taste and more courgette in the sauce, this would have been perfect.


So, I’m pretty glad I gave this small cafe a go. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to make a repeat visit but I highly doubt that.

The Daily Grind
71 Brushfield Street
Old Spitalfields Market
London E1 6AA
0207 247 2418


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