Hot Dog with topping – Bene Bene, Canary Wharf


Was in a bit of a rush for lunch last Friday as the Canary Wharf office had a team event in the afternoon which I was involved in. Had to leave the office by 1300hrs and I only managed to free up some time to grab lunch at 1215hrs. Has been awhile since I had a hot dog so thought I give Bene Bene’s version a try.


As you can see from the poster, you can have a hot dog as is for £3.50 or chose from up to 3 toppings for £4.50. Was not too sure which toppings to go for but finally ended up with jalapeno pepper, bolognese sauce and cheddar cheese. Added a side of coleslaw to complete the meal.

I think the serving staff is still trying to get to grips with the ordering process for the hot dogs. You give your order to the cashier which in turn repeats the order to a server just behind the counter. The problem is it can be quite hard remembering the topping combination especially when you have a few consecutive orders with slightly differing toppings. The poor server was literally shouted at by the cashier who has to repeat herself a couple of times for the order to sink in.


Have to say I’m impressed by the size of the hot dog. Would say the girth of the sausage is close to a 50p coin which is pretty impressive. The sausage skin has the telltale snap of a good frank and the filling was rich, juicy and uniform in texture like a proper frankfurter. As for the topping, nothing much to wow about but it did the trick. Had to melt the cheese in a microwave oven when I got back to the office which was a shame.

I would definitely have the hot dog again but perhaps with some different toppings the next time.


Bene Bene
Canada Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 5AH
0207 515 0205


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