Jerk Chicken – Cafe Caribbean, Old Spitalfields Market


Back to Old Spitalfields Market for lunch today and for a moment, was considering the Mutton Curry from Cafe Caribbean so I can do a comparison piece with my homemade version. Thought better of it as I’m a tad mutton out after the weekend with still a big left over portion of homemade mutton curry in my fridge.


The other options available were a Chicken Curry, Chicken Stew, Jerk Chicken, Beef Stew, Oxtail with Butter Beans and the Ackee Saltfish which I had before. Settle for the Jerk Chicken and for £5.50, I got 2 chicken thighs and a big portion of rice and peas.


The serving is very generous as you can see but taste wise, a tad lacking. I could not discern any jerk flavor under the thick blanket of slightly too salty sauce on the first piece of thigh. The second piece fared slightly better probably because it still has it’s skin on and that where the jerk flavoring was. Still, would have been better if the marinade permeates throughout the entire chicken portion. I still think the Mutton Curry is still the best from this stall.

Cafe Caribbean
Old Spitalfields Market
Commercial Street
London E1 6BG


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