Festive, Steak Bake and Sausage Roll – Greggs, Ruislip High Street


It’s WFH for Junk today. Got a doctor’s appointment to sort out my chest from when some random stranger elbowed me on the tube 3 weeks ago. The doc will probably not be able to do much except prescribe stronger painkillers but at least that saves me popping ibuprofen everyday.


Anyway, lunch was a slightly later affair as you can see from the picture. It was dark by the time I managed to get out of the house. Had some business to sort out on the local high street so decided to pick something up fast from Greggs the bakery.


They always have a 2 pastries deal if you get 2 of the same sort but it would seem they have loosen their deal a tad. For those not in the know, their pastries are usually baked on the premise but when I got there, the choices were not great. So I got my go to Steak Bake and Sausage Roll. Seeing it’s close to Christmas, there were a couple of options that fits the theme. So I got a Festive Bake as well. Total cost, 2 pastries or bakes was £2.50 and the Sausage Roll was £1.20. A very filling late lunch for £3.70. Not half bad I guess.


The Steak Bake is as always comforting. Rich brown gravy with chunks of beef, a tad salty but fills the gap. I was quite surprised with the Sausage Roll especially when I have not had any luck with them from other places so far. It was not too greasy and the sausage filling was pretty tasty for once! Not as good as those I could get from the Belgium bakeries when I was living in the continent but not too bad. As for the Festive Bake, it was pleasant enough. Chucks of chicken and stuffing in white sauce with bits of bacon. The only possible complain I might have is it taste quite strongly of sage, to the extend that it might come across as antiseptic. You know, the Dettol taste? But it was only from a couple of bites. I’ll let it pass.

Gross out time! If Junk can do that to her baby toe, she definitely deserved to be elbowed no?? The pain…. oh the pain!!!


106 High Street
London HA4 8LS
01895 674 712


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