Sierra Chicken Sandwich and Salad – Micha, Old Spitalfields Market


Readers of my blog will know that it’s very seldom that I crave for bread being a rice bucket and all. Came lunch time today, I could not get the image of a hot and toasted sandwich out of my mind. Was intending to go to Go to try out their toasted foccasia but got distracted by the long queue at Micha instead.


I have blogged about Micha awhile back and as before, was amazed by the range of options available and the value for money. Apart from Tesco, I don’t think you can get a huge sandwich/wrap/baked potato with a small salad for between £6 to £7. They also offer a soup and salad option due to the impending cold weather.


The Sierra Chicken Sandwich was the only bready thing on offer today and the combination of chipotle mayo, Gouda cheese, tomato and chicken sounded tempting enough for me. There was a choice of plain or seeded bread and I got seeded. The sandwich was toasted on order and managed to stay warm from the walk back to office. The highlight of the sandwich was the chipotle mayo which provided the smoky and spicy kick the sandwich requires while the thick slices of tomatoes counters with tang and juice.


For the small salad, I got gnocchi, orecchiette with pea sauce and a lentil and chickpea salad. It is suppose to be a small side salad, but after plating it out, it’s bigger than the sandwich! Sandwich and salad for £6, can’t beat that! So cost wise, it’s great but quality wise I’m not as convinced. The gnocchi was doughy and quite heavy in texture with a rather bland tomato sauce while some of the orecchiette was not cooked through. The lentil and chickpea salad is what it is so nothing to wow about.


Was looking at the other customers and some of them were munching on paper cones of chips while waiting for their wraps to be toasted. When I got closer to the counter, there was a note that said the chips are free with order of sandwich or wrap, you just need to ask. I never pass up a freebie and glad I did as the hot and crispy chips kept my tum warm on the walk back. Free chips! Score!


Horner Square
Old Spitalfields Market
London E1 6ED


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