Roast Duck Potsu Udon – Itsu, Canary Wharf


Interesting that it took me so long to blog about Itsu as it is one of my favourite High Street takeaway chains. It’s not like the shop is not accessible to me with 4 outlets in Canary Wharf and 1 near Liverpool Street station. There was once when the Vegetable Gyoza udon was one of my favourite lunches. Things fall out of favour I guess.


Anyway, being a damp and miserable day, I decided to pay Itsu a much needed visit. I went to the outlet at Cabot Place as it is the closest to me. It is quite a big setup with loads of seats available. The other outlet in Canary Wharf with seating is located at Jubilee Place while the other 2 dotted along Canada Square are pure takeaway outlets. As usual, you can chose amongst the sushi and bento boxes or you can order something hot from the counter. I broke the bank and went for the most expensive option of Roast Duck Potsu Udon at £6.49. Ok, I’m exagerating but £6.49 for a pot of noodles is not to be sniffed at.


The sauce you can see on top is hoisin sauce which is quite typically served with duck, especially the crispy duck wraps from all the Chinese takeaway joints. Since it’s roast duck, was expecting some duck skin but none was found. Guess it goes with Itsu’s philosophy of health and happiness sans fat! The broth has a miso base and is loaded with spinach, green beans, mangetout, fresh shitake mushroom slices and other bits of veg. The portion is very generous, there are loads of shredded duck as well as udon. Definitely not one of those noodle soups where they bulk things up with the broth. Well worth the £6.49 I would say.


Wonder how the rice version will taste like? You do have the option to either have brown rice or udon with your potsu.

Level 2, Cabot Place East
Canary Wharf
London E14 4QT
0207 512 5790


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