Beef Curry with Noodles and Momos – Tibet Kitchen, Old Truman Brewery


The Nigerian told me last week that a few food stalls has popped up in the F block area, one of various spaces in the Old Truman Brewery compound. Knowing that these temporary food stalls only operates Thursdays and Fridays, I went to check them out today.


I counted around 6 – 7 food stalls selling food ranging from Asian, Mexican to Mediterranean and Caribbean. I was spoiled for choice and had a brief wobble. Luckily, one word on a stall’s banner caught my eye, Momo. From reading other food blogs, understand that momo is a type of dumpling not unlike gyoza or the dim sum dumplings. Well, they definitely look like the dumplings I know.


Apart from different types of momo, Tibet Kitchen also offers a few dishes where you can have with either rice or noodles. I got a large order of Beef Curry with Noodles which was £6 and only had £4 left (lazy to bring my wallet so just stuffed a £10 note in my pocket). Looking at the menu, 6 momo cost £5 so I humbly asked whether it’s ok for me to get some momo with the £4 I have left. The stall owner gladly complied.


I was expecting maybe just 4 momo since I was short. But I got the full 6 and the owner gave me a mixture of both steamed and fried ones. Taste wise, they are alright I guess. Can’t really tell the filling apart by taste. But looking at the colour, I think I got 2 beef, 2 pork and 2 chicken ones.

Between the steamed or fried version, go with the fried. The wrapper of the momo is the thick floury kind and once cooled, the wrapping of the steamed momo got pretty hard while the fried ones managed to maintain their crunch. Remember to get some of the chili sauce, they go very well with the momo and is not too spicy.


The Beef Curry was average. The beef was a bit tough and the curry sauce was tasty with loads of chopped garlic but nothing much to wow about. The noodles are just plainly fried with some soya sauce and some green beans. For £6, I was expecting a slightly bigger portion but what I got was ample. As usual, I’m just being greedy.

I will probably give some of the other stalls a try when they are back next week.

Tibet Kitchen
Old Truman Brewery F Block
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL


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