Chili Chicken and Spicy Aubergine – Mama Thai, Spitalfields


Felt guilty for not having been to the gym all week till today. The idea did cross my mind the past couple of days but with my workload heading towards a car crash, only managed to find some free time today. Threw in my usual 50 laps and did the whole hog by walking back to my office. Mama Thai was on the way and so thought why not?


By the time I reached Mama Thai, it was closed to 1pm and geared myself for a long queue. Interestingly, the queue was only 4 deep and I managed to get my order within 5 minutes. Today’s special dish was Chili Chicken so I got that as well as a side of Spicy Aubergine. As before, a fully packed box with rice for just £5.


Somehow, did not enjoy today’s lunch as much as I did before. Perhaps it’s cos the Tech Lead came to quiz me about work as I was eating or maybe my mind was occupied trying to get work priorities right. Though the Chili Chicken looked appetizing, taste wise, it was pretty one dimensional. Slightly spicy, moderately seasoned but just plain bland. The aubergine was slightly better with a smoky yet slightly sweet sauce. Lucky I have the container of pickled chilies to help pickup the taste.

Well, I never expected gourmet and for just £5, one can hardly complain. At least my tum was filled though my taste buds were not.

Mama Thai
10 Toynbee Street
London E1 7NE


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