Chicken Katsu Curry Off! – Asta vs Wasabi vs Japanika

Another face off post. This time round, the target is Chicken Katsu Curry and it’s a 3 way match for a change. So how would I rate the Chicken Katsu Curry from Asta, Wasabi and Japanika? Read on and find out.

Asta Exterior

Asta – The Arcade, Liverpool Street

Wasabi – Cabot Place, Canary Wharf

Japanika – Hanbury Street

Round One – Chicken Katsu

Both Wasabi and Japanika stuck to the definition and provided breaded chicken cutlet. Wasabi gave 2 smaller uncut ones while Japanika’s was a huge cutlet, slice up. The black sheep of the pack, Asta provided chicken kaarage instead.

Japanika Chicken Katsu Curry

Wasabi Chicken Katsu

Asta Katsu Curry sauce on the side

Asta Chicken Kaarage

“One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is just not the same…” For once, I’m going to go with the oddball. To me, the chicken kaarage from Asta is the tastier of the lot. Yes, not exactly a katsu but being made of chicken thigh, the flesh is more smooth, juicy and tender. Also, the katsu from Wasabi and Japanika perhaps due to being prepacked, lost their crispiness and rather tasteless.

This round goes to Asta.

Round Two – Price

Asta – £6.80 (10p more for brown rice)

Wasabi – £5.45 (limited special offer price £4.95 at the Liverpool Street outlet)

Japanika – £6.80

Hands down, this round goes to Wasabi.

Round Three – Curry sauce

Being Chicken Katsu Currey, the most important component of this dish is obviously the curry sauce. I think it’s obvious that there was a clear favourite.

Japanika Curry Sauce

Wasabi Curry Sauce

Asta Katsu Curry with sauce

Asta Curry Sauce

The curry sauce from Wasabi and Asta are basically the basic sauce you will get when you stick a few blocks of Golden Curry into water. Basic, no frills. But the version at Japanika was on another level. With bits of tender beef, soft carrots and potatoes it was the best I have taste in a takeaway joint.

Winner: Japanika


If you are looking for value, go with Wasabi. It’s not bad and totally worth what you would pay. Though I like the chicken kaarage from Asta, looking the amount they charge, simply not worth it. Lastly, I guess Mr CSS is correct afterall, the Chicken Katsu Curry from Japanika though a tad steep, more than justify for it’s deep and tasty curry sauce.

10 Hanbury Street
London E1 6QR
0207 247 9911

385 Cabot Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 4QS
0207 719 6247

4 – 6 The Arcade
Liverpool Street
London EC2M 7PN
0207 626 5660


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