Cataplana de Porco Alentejano – Eyre Brothers, Shoreditch


Junk lucked out today! She got to go to a rather posh restaurant for lunch and all thanks to Stan! Yes, that damned one I was cursing the other day. Then again, it wasn’t purely out of the goodness of his heart, it took a Kindle to make him cough up lunch. The story goes, since I got a tablet and am running the Kindle Android app on it to read, saw no point to my Kindle with keyboard. In the spirit of decluttering, decided to flog it off to willing takers. That’s where Stan came in and I offered him the Kindle in exchange for lunch.


Apparently he has been wanting to try Eyre Brothers after reading about it in Timeout, guess this is the opportunity. The restaurant is located within walking distance from Shoreditch High Street Overground and is in the midst of some pretty funky shops, restaurants and cafes. I should really spread my wings and wander around that area for lunch.


Unlike other Spanish/Portuguese restaurants, the decor is very modern with no reference to the restaurant’s culture influences. I find that very refreshing, not a single toro in sight. Stan made reservations and suggested the Cataplana de Porco Alentejano which is a sharing dish for two. Pork, clams and being free, can’t say no now can I?  Also ordered a side of braised cabbage greens as the token veg. The Nigerian and Mr CSS were also invited and they ordered a lamb and a hake dish respectively and they both looked pretty good as well.


Pork and clams, some might think that it is a weird combination but it turned out spectacular. The pork belly was braised just right, tender enough to tear with a spoon yet still maintained a slight bite. The clams provided the briny ozone taste of the sea to the braising liquid which I think had some red wine, rosemary and something that gave it the anise taste. Tarragon perhaps? Some lemon wedges and coriander were served with the dish and we were told to pile our plate with fried potatoes, the stew, a scattering of coriander and topping it all off with a good squeeze of lemon juice. The recommendation worked great, the lemon juice and coriander complimented the rich stew perfectly.  2 minor complains, the fried potatoes were slightly under cooked, could be crispier and if only bigger clams were used. The ones we had were tiny. Perhaps it’s not clam season?


Mains for the 4 of us with water, 2 Cokes and an orange juice for around £110 which includes service charge of 12.5%, not an everyday lunch thing but good as the occasional treat! Thanks Stan! Hope you enjoy the Kindle.

Eyre Brothers
70 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4QX
0207 613 5346


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