Smoked Mackerel Kedgeree Salad and Homemade Cauliflower Cheese Soup – Chop’d, Old Spitalfields Market/Junk’s Manor


Poor Junk, victim of rubbish meeting scheduling again today. Back to back all day with only  1200 – 1400 free. To best make use of my time today, decided to pickup lunch on the way to the office. I know that Chop’d at Old Spitalfields Market prep their pre made salad in the morning so got one on the way. What? Only salad for lunch? Is Junk ill? No, I also have some leftover Cauliflower Cheese Soup I’ve made over the weekend so it will still be a 2 course lunch today.


Won’t talk too much about the Cauliflower Cheese Soup just that I got the inspiration while glancing at the recipe section of a freebie newspaper. It’s basically onions, garlic, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, bay leaf, nutmeg, cream and lots of cheddar and Gruyere cheese. Gruyere cheese is crucial, it gives the soup a slight, sharp tang. How is it cooked?

  1. Saute the onion and garlic till soft
  2. Add in veg and water, boil till veg softens
  3. Save a few pieces of cauliflower for later and remove bay leaf. Give it a good whirl with a hand blender
  4. Add cream, nutmeg and grated cheese
  5. Season to taste

When I served it at home, I topped the soup with more grated Gruyere and gave it a few minutes under the grill. Makes it resemble it’s moniker. Give it a try, it’s not a bad recipe.


Of all the pre made salads available at Chop’d, I settled on the Smoked Mackerel Kedgeree Salad as it has brown rice and I’m a rice bucket. I think the salad is an attempt to deconstruct kedgeree, a dish rich in colonial history so it contains most of the typical ingredients of the dish with the addition of salad leaves. Because I selected a pre made salad, it is not dressed and I was left to decide what dressing I would like. I settled on the green pesto dressing which I regret on hindsight, a creamy dressing would have worked better. But overall, a pretty satisfying salad. Pieces of smoked mackerel combined well with the boiled egg and hints of tarragon. The occasional morsel of raisins brings a slight sweetness. At £4.75, not a bad deal.


2 Horner Square
Old Spitalfields Market
London E1 6EW
0207 247 8757


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