Meatball Curry Rice – De Lites, Shadwell


Damn Stan! Every Monday, I religiously go to my Canary Wharf office cos of the regular meetings he has set up but for the past month, he keeps rescheduling them to other days which makes my trip redundant. He really took a mickey today by moving the location to my Brick Lane office! Not only was my trip to Canary Wharf wasted, now I have to haul my ass (a small one mind you!) to East London!


Enough mad woman rants, one saving grace of this diversion is I managed to checkout this small cafe between Shadwell DLR and Shadwell Overground. I have walked past it whenever I travel from one office to another and am intrigued by their special of the day. Some days, it’s biryani, others Lamb Curry and today, it’s Meatball Curry. Was in a rush and so I gave it a try.


De Lites is one of your typical cafe selling sandwiches, breakfast and pre made lunches. Looking at the toasted paninis that the other diners are having, they look to be well made, generous and even has a side salad. Apart from ordering the Meatball Curry, I also added a lamb samosa. Yes yes, I can’t resist a samosa. The daily special was £4.50 while the samosa was £1.15, total price came to £5.65 which is pretty affordable I think.


When I unpacked the box, was pretty surprised by the amount of rice I was given, not that I’m complaining. Curry and rice, definitely nice (noddy head). The curry sauce was tasty and rich with cardamon pods and other spices, not too spicy but beware of munching on the cardamom pods. Was expecting the meatballs to be factory made and stuffed with carb fillers but was glad that they looked to be homemade with lean beef and the six I was given with the rice more than filled my tum. The nice lady at the counter even packed a small bag of mixed salad for me which added much needed crunch to my lunch. The samosa on the other hand was nothing great. The samosas from Amar Gaon still triumphs!


Never occurred to me that you can make a curry out of meatballs, definitely gives me inspiration when I cook at home next. Meatball and boiled egg curry anyone?

De Lites
81 Watney Street
London E1 2QE
0207 790 7100

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