Laksa Off! Keke vs Momo’wich

Having tried Momo’wich’s laksa, I’m now finally able to complete the Laksa Off! which I have mentioned many times in my previous posts. On with the fight!

Our first contestant, occupying a takeaway stall in the corner of Spitalfields Market, meals cooked to order but with no website of their own, we have Keke!

Our second contestant, located along Commercial Street, tagging themselves with the “Pan-Asian Bites” moniker and all social media up, we have Momo’wich!

Round One – If looks could kill…

In my post about the laksa from Momo’wich, I waxed lyrical about the concept of the rempah and how vital the film of oil is to the appearance of a laksa’s gravy. Comparing the gravy of both Momo’wich and Keke’s laksa, I would say Momo’wich’s version looks more appealing, the film of red oil will stir all laksa addict’s appetite. Keke’s version looks anemic in comparison.

Momo’wich’s Laksa

Keke’s Laksa

Round Two – Only when the price is right…

There is not much of a price difference between Momo’wich and Keke. Momo’wich’s laksa was £6 while Keke’s was £5.80. I think I can afford a 20p difference anytime. Unfortunately, at £6, I was expecting more prawns in the Momo’wich laska. Felt a tad cheated by the few small shrimps.

Round Three – The proof is in the pudding…

Taste wise, how do they compare? I would say Momo’wich’s version is a more accurate rendition of a typical laksa. The colour, the taste fits the bill. Perhaps I my expectation was too high but after eating it, I was still felt somewhat lacking.

Momo’wich’s Laksa

I think I’m a tad biased when it comes to Keke’s Laksa. It’s my go to laksa afterall! Though it’s not entirely authentic, it’s more along the lines of a curry noodle but it always manage to more than satisfy my laksa craving. Keke’s still get my vote.

Keke’s Laksa


Afraid to say, the slightly cheaper, less authentic but definitely fulfills my craving laksa from Keke gets my vote!

Old Spitalfields Market
10 Horner Square
London E1 6EW
0207 375 2002

75 Commerical Street
London E1 6BD
0207 377 6409


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