Pork Ciabatta Pulled Pork Chipotle Soup – Altamarea/M&S Simply Food, Ely’s Yard/Liverpool Street


Looks like it’s going to be a piggy lunch day. I have a spare ready meal soup from Marks & Spencer from my forage yesterday so decided to just add a bread of some sort to make it a full lunch. Being Friday, the food stalls at Ely’s Yard are out in action and I was sort of craving for a ciabatta.


The nice Italian owner of Altamarea kindly talked me through what they have on offer. Was seriously tempted by the calzones but decided to stick to my guns and had to chose between the parma ham or the slow roast pork ciabatta. I think the choice is obvious, at least for me! At £4.50, won’t exactly say that the ciabatta is a good deal but having been told that the ciabatta is home made, I will hold my judgement.


Back at base camp (i.e., my office), stuck the Pull Pork and Chipotle soup into the microwave and turned the dial to 6 minutes on full. I get very anxious whenever I microwave thick soups in it’s tall container. It’s either the top portion of the soup boils over while the bottom is stone cold or some components of the soup decides to spontaneously explode. It’s never a straight in and ding affair, at least a couple of stirs in between. Anyway, the soup was hearty and delightfully spicy. The entire container was filled with black turtle beans, British Pulled Pork, chunks of celery and tomatoes, all in a smoky tomato broth. The smokiness probably came from the chipotle.


The ciabatta in contrast was pretty tame tasting. Slices of salty roast pork, melted cheese, rocket and tomato all packed into a light and crusty ciabatta. I think the taste of the package would be much improved if some sort of chutney, salsa or pesto is added. By itself, it would be pretty plain. Luckily, I have the strong tasting soup as a compliment.


Apparently, Altamarea has a shop in Borough Market and everything in the food stall is prepared at their shop. They set up their food stall every Friday at Ely’s Yard, Saturday on the Brick Lane main thoroughfare and back at Ely’s Yard on Sunday. So if you are in the area, pop by.


5 Green Dragon Court
London SE1 9AW
0790 717 9792


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