Arabian Kasbah Rice and Corn Tabouleh – Chez Boom


Got some spice mix when I was on vacation, can’t help but go to a local supermarket to stock up on some local stuff. A couple of jars of Nutella like bread spread but made up of sesame seeds instead of hazelnuts, some instant noodles and the spice mix I’m using tonight.

What an exotic name! Arabian Kasbah it’s called. Looking at the cooking instruction, I think it’s like a biryani. The protein gets browned and boil till tender, then the veg and rice goes in with the yogurt. Well, that’s not exactly what the instruction said but I improvised.


Side dish time. The recommendation on the spice mix instructions was for a raita or a salad. Decided to make a tabouleh as it’s easy and refreshing. The Boom was pretty sure he has some couscous or bulgur wheat lying around but I think he is losing his marbles. Seeing an old tin of sweet corn, said to myself why not? Sweet corn and parsley should work? Added the usual tomatoes, minced garlic, chopped onions, lemon juice and the sweet corn.


The end result was pretty good! Made the rice with some lamb steaks from Waitrose and it turned out slightly spicy with pretty strong hints of cardamon, bay leafs which enhanced the taste of the lamb. Sweet corn worked very well in the tabouleh and was the perfect contrast to the rich taste of the lamb. In all, pretty satisfied.


Chez Boom
Somewhere in West London
Open 24/7
Invitation only for the worthy


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