Singapore Fried Noodle & Soup – Marks & Spencer Simply Food, Liverpool Street Station


Thought I do something different today. Got some ready meals from Marks & Spencer Simply Food and heated them up in the office microwave. I used to do this quite often when I was based in Monument as the food options are not as plentiful compared to where I am now. Still remember queuing up to use the office microwave which can be a pain. A few of us even considered creating a Outlook calendar for the microwave so everyone can book a slot to use it. What geeks we are!


I’m always tempted by deals when I shop and today was no different. The soup was buy one and get another for half price so I got a Chicken Mushroom and Rice Soup and another was the Pulled Pork and Chipotle Chili Soup. For the main, I broke the taboo and got the Singapore Fried Noodles. I did mention in my previous blogs that there is no such thing as Singapore Noodles in Singapore and I’m surprised by the prevalence of it here in the UK and many other countries I have visited. All revolves around thin rice noodles stir fried with a touch of curry powder, wonder who invented the recipe. Seeing I’m having the Singapore Fried Noodles which I think will be spicy, went with the milder Chicken Mushroom and Rice Soup for a contrast. Total cost me £7.96 which is not bad seeing I have a leftover soup for tomorrow.


After 5 minutes on high in the microwave, the soup is ready. Quite like it, mild and creamy with plenty of mushroom bits, rice, carrots and chicken. Was rather surprised that I find no need to add salt to the soup as M&S food has always been on the bland side for me. I’m curious to see how the Pulled Pork and Chipotle Chili Soup will be like.


The Singapore Fried Noodles was ok but on the dry side and this is after I have added some water half way through while warming it up in the microwave. The crunchy kale, julienne carrots and bean sprouts help lift the texture seeing the noodles were dry. The seasoned chicken and pork slices did nothing much for me, I would have preferred more prawns.

Marks & Spencer Simply Food
Unit 22 & 23
The Walkway Level
Liverpool St Main Line
London EC2M 7PY
0207 247 2190


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