Chicken Katsu Curry – Japanika, Hanbury Street


Was a victim of lack of time today which drove me to get the Chicken Katsu Curry rice from Japanika. This is the one Mr CSS is still addicted to. In fact, he broke form this week by having his fix on Tues instead of Thurs. Who knows, maybe he will have it again this Thurs. Proper Katsu Curry junkie is our Mr CSS.

I have blogged about Japanika once a while back and that time, I had their udon soup which is another staple of mine. I have been resisting their Chicken Katsu Curry purely out of stubbornness. Also, it is a tad pricey at £6.80. I added a Spinach and Shitake Mushroom Miso soup to my order and the total came up to £9.30. Whoa! Close to breaking the ten pound mark which I try to avoid.


I enjoyed the miso soup, the bits of spinach and the smooth slices of shitake mushroom went down well on a cold and windy day. The soup base was a bit on the strong side, could have taken a water down with some hot water but I did not bother. At £2.50, a bit expensive I would say.


So is the katsu curry as good as Mr CSS say it will be? I have to say he is right. The curry sauce here is rich and thick with bits of beef dispersed throughout. I think the sauce is made from beef stock which give it it’s rich body. Surprisingly, it is spicy. Not the burn the roof of your mouth type, but you can feel it and it gave the sauce another facet taste wise. The chunks of potatoes and carrots soaked up the beefy taste of the sauce and was a nice accompaniment. The katsu slices were a bit of a let down though, on the dry side and soggy. In all, enjoyable but I would not pay £6.80 for it.

There is a new Wasabi branch opposite Liverpool Street station and their Chicken Katsu Curry is at a special price of just £4.45 I believe. Hmmm…. I see a Katsu Off in the near future.

10 Hanbury Street
London E1 6QR
0207 247 9911


2 thoughts on “Chicken Katsu Curry – Japanika, Hanbury Street

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