Sliced Tripe with Hot Pepper – Sichuan Folk, Hanbury Street


Today’s lunch is not for the fainthearted so read on if you are not easily grossed out. I don’t understand why some people are queasy about the concept of eating an animal’s organs, I mean the animal died so you can eat it. It feels ungrateful to only eat some parts of it. Checked out tripe on the trusty Wiki and was surprised that it is used in so many country’s cuisine. I blame it on the modern prepacked, convenience culture. People are so far removed from where, how their food is produced and expects everything to come in neat tidy packages with no heads, feet, feathers, blood and eyes.


Went back to Szechuan Folk on Hanbury Street again to try some of their more “exotic” offerings. Wanted to ease my readers with the restaurant’s tame offering first before diving in deep. Unlike their eat in menu, there are only 2 potentially offensive items on their special lunch menu. I went with the Sliced Tripe with Hot Pepper. Will try the “tube” stuff next time.


More pictures of their normal menu. Should really try their All You Can Eat Hotpot if I can find a buddy.


So at £5.50 for the sliced tripe, what did I get? Loads of thinly sliced pig’s stomach stir fried with pickled green and red chili, leeks, capsicum and some pickled cabbage. Added 4 hot wings at £1 from one of the generic fried chicken shop to add variety to my meal. The thinly sliced tripe was chewy and clean tasting. The biggest fear when eating offal is when the parts are not well cleaned and you end up with the residual pissy smell. The combination of pickled chilies and cabbage was delightful, you get both heat and tang with every bite. Goes perfectly with white rice.

Made Mr CSS guess what the protein is when he saw my lunch. He made closed to 20 guesses before I told him it’s pig’s stomach. Goes to show that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. The disgust is all in your head.

Sichuan Folk
32 Hanbury Street
London E1 6QR
0207 247 4735


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