Dry Catfish Curry – Amar Gaon, Brick Lane

No rest for the wicked I say! Or at least for the greedy. Was tempted to take a break from blogging today so I don’t have to wreck my brain to find something new that I actually feel like eating. After making that monumental decision, went straight to Amar Gaon to get my lunch. Changed my mind as I thought what I ordered today is rather interesting so I’m back to square one.


I have blogged about Amar Gaon a couple of times before. I have tried a few other similar shops along Brick Lane but somehow, I prefer Amar Gaon. I think it has something to do with the friendly service. I don’t feel threatened ordering things I know next to nothing about.


I went with a Dry Catfish Curry, well it’s Boal which Wiki tells me is catfish. Also had what looks to be a mix veg curry with green beans and potato chunks. Threw in a meat samosa and with rice, total came to be £8. Slightly more expensive compared to previous times as the fish was bigger and had to be placed in a separate container.

Coming from Asia, we expect our fish to be fresh and thus no fishy taste. One of the reasons why we don’t really like freshwater fish which often have that muddy fishiness. I have since got used to fish having a fishy taste. Not that they are not fresh, it’s just different fish or different modes of preparation. Smoked fish is fishy and so are freshwater or oily ones. But there is only a certain level of fishiness I can take. Unfortunately, the catfish today pretty much hit my limit. Fishy taste combined with the slightly slimy skin, not enjoyable. I think I will avoid fish curry next time.

As for the mixed veg, I was quite surprised to find small shell on shrimp scattered throughout. Also what I thought was potato chunks, turned out to be taro. There also seem to be some form of gourd in the mix as well as I can see stringy, fibrous bits and gourd seeds in the mix. Taste wise, it was alright with the shell on shrimps providing some crunch.


I was offered a spicy salad with my order today on the house and I never reject free food. The salad is simply made up of sliced tomatoes, onions, coriander and green chilies in a lime dressing. Simple but very refreshing and tasty. The meat samosa as usual is tightly packed with minced meat, onions and peas and heavily spiced with cumin. I think it’s one of the better samosa available in Brick Lane.

Amar Gaon
50 Brick Lane
London E1 6RF
0207 377 6688


2 thoughts on “Dry Catfish Curry – Amar Gaon, Brick Lane

    • Das – Not sure about Shidol but there is a big supermarket on Brick Lane call Bangla City. Just google for Bangla City Brick Lane and you should be able to get the contact number


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