Mixed Grill Platter – Cafe 1001, Brick Lane


Some lunches are taken out of curiosity while others are driven by insatiable cravings. Today’s lunch was a result of too many meetings, not enough time. So I was involved in a release that did not go smoothly as well as back to back meetings from get go. Found myself only with 20 minutes to spare before my next meeting and it’s already way past lunch time. No meandering around looking for interesting bites today I’m afraid.


Felt like a long time ago when I blogged about the Polish Sausage Baguette from Cafe 1001 on Brick Lane. Guess that being one of my first posts, it feels ancient but I have only actually blogged for 3 months. Anyway, thought I take some different pictures showcasing the BBQ area of Cafe 1001. The salad bar with the cash register and big tubs filled with Red Stripe and cider. They are also selling hot mulled wine since the weather turned cold.


Look at the fat juicy sausages on the grill! Yummy!


Menu of the BBQ. Was seriously tempted to get the Polish Sausage Baguette again but I know it will be a boring read for you folks. So made the ultimate sacrifice and went with the Mixed Grill Platter. At £6, I still think the sausage baguette is a better value.

The last time I had the Mixed Grill Platter, the chicken breast was plain, hardly any seasoning on it. I’m glad to see that they have improved things by marinating the chicken breast in a Cajun style marinade. Made a huge difference to the meal as now it’s not just simply a dry piece of chicken breast. As usual, the polish sausage was scrumptious, the crispy bacon bits went very well with the fresh salad. The only letdown were the potato wedges, they were dry having been resident in the oven for too long. I think they should consider marinating the wedges or at least give it a spicy salt coating.


Cafe 1001
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
0207 247 6166


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