Spag Bol and Seafood Soup – Kruger, Canary Wharf


Food craving is a funny thing. Sometimes you know what triggers an episode, perhaps you saw someone eating something or a recipe on TV. It could be triggered by weather changes, ice cream when it’s hot and comforting warm stew when it’s cold. More often than not, there are no origins to my craving, they just come out of the blue and usually it’s for very common foods. So I decided to satiate my craving for spag bol today.


Kruger located in Canary Wharf focuses on takeaway meals for the folks working in the area. I know of a couple of other Kruger outlets, one near Moorgate and another near Cannon Street but the Canary Wharf one is different as it also has a eat-in cafe with it’s own menu. You will be spoil for choice at Kruger, anything from filled hot or cold sandwiches and wraps, salads, soups, ready made meals to orders from the hot kitchen.


Since I was craving for spag bol, settled for the ready made meals from the fridge section. Also added a large Mix Seafood Soup and a lamb samosa which I will have after my gym session later. The pasta was £3, the soup another £3 and the samosa is £1.50. Feast for the gluttonous at £7.50, can’t complain about that!


As the spag bol is pre-made, I was not surprised that the spaghetti is overcooked. Not al dente like it’s suppose to be. The bolognese sauce was pretty decent which was a surprise! Thick, rich and meaty with a strong hint of bay leave, if only the pasta was cooked less.


The winner of today’s lunch is definitely the Mix Seafood Soup. I was not too sure what I will get when I ordered and was delighted that it’s a bouillabaisse style soup. Generous pieces of squid, shrimp, mussels were scattered throughout, they are probably the frozen kind. The main body of the soup was made up of celery, carrots, onions and strongly spiced with cayenne pepper. Everything combined into a spicy but comforting meal. All soup comes with a bread roll which is a nice touch as most other placed charge extra from bread.


Craving sorted and all together pretty satisfied.

Cabot Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 4QT
0207 719 1629


2 thoughts on “Spag Bol and Seafood Soup – Kruger, Canary Wharf

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