Beef Burrito – Mexway, Shoreditch Boxpark


Hola! It has been awhile since I had a burrito so thought why not? Remembered there was a Mexican place at the Boxpark so I grabbed one while travelling from one office to another.


Mexway is one of the few food outlets at Shoreditch Boxpark and I believe this is their only outlet. The container (Boxpark shops are all made out of shipping containers) is mostly taken up by the long counter where the food is assembled so the only seats are outside. Making an order is easy, first you chose between burrito, taco, salad or totopos. What is a totopos you might ask? Reading the definition in Wiki, I think it’s similar to what is commonly known as nachos.

Back to ordering, next you chose the filling of either chicken, beef, pork or veggie. Then you choose either rice or beans or both then lastly a salsa. I went with burrito, beef, both rice and beans and the spicy salsa. Apart from that, I also got guacamole, cheese and some lettuce and chopped tomatoes. At £5.95, pricing is pretty standard for a Mexican burrito. Also added some tortilla chips with salsa at £1.50.


The burrito is pretty good I have to admit. The beef was nicely marinated but still has the beefy taste, the rice was nutty and provides a good chew. The spicy salsa was a killer! Worse was I had the same spicy salsa on my tortilla chips as well. For those you who can’t take the heat, suggest you go with a milder salsa. I can still feel the warmth radiating in my tummy now. My only complain is that the burrito is not hot (temperature wise). Not asking for it to be boiling but if the meat was kept warmer, I think it would taste even better.


52 Boxpark
Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6GY
0207 613 2973


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