Chicken Katsu Curry – Wasabi, Canary Wharf


The inevitable has happened, I’m finally reviewing the Chicken Katsu Curry from Wasabi. It is not that I’m avoiding it or anything, it’s just there is always a queue at the Canary Wharf outlet and if I were to walk from Brick Lane to Liverpool Street, I’m better off getting something more interesting. Yes, I think the Chicken Katsu Curry from Wasabi is “common”.


Wasabi is one of the few Japanese fast food chain that has sprung up recently. Various types of sushi, bento boxes as well as a range of hot foods are available. The options on offer is dependent on which brand you visit. But I bet one of the best selling item on their menu is the Chicken Katsu Curry. The smell of the curry is irresitable.


The problem with the Canary Wharf branch is that it is so damn crowded! There are 2 queues, one for hot food while the other is for the sushi and bento boxes in the fridge area. Obviously the one for the hot food is the longer of the two. You don’t need to wait very long in the hot food queue as the staff at Wasabi are very efficient. They will take your order while you are still in the queue, give you a number and you proceed to pay at the counter. Then you have to mill around while waiting for your order to be ready. You only probabkly have to wait a couple of minutes but when you have 20-30 people milling around, things can get quite chaotic.


Anyway, back to my lunch. Apart from Chicken Katsu Curry which cost £5.45, I got the mini Spicy Chirashi Set which is £1.95. I’m always surprised why is the Chirashi so cheap? In most Japanese restaurants, the Chirashi Sushi is usually one of the more expensive rice bowls on the menu as it’s essentially mixed sashimi on rice. If you consider that the Chirashi is £1.95 while a Onigiri is £1.50, the Chirashi is a much better value. I have a cunning feeling that the Chirashi might be made with offcuts from making the sashimi and leftover rice? Having said that, it is delicious for what it is. Not sure whether I have tried the non-spicy version but the spicy one is pretty full on. If they could tone down the chilli sauce, I might be able to taste the fish better.


On to the star of today’s lunch, the Chicken Katsu Curry! Have to say I’m a tad underwhelmed by today’s katsu. The breadcrumb coating was soggy and some even fell off the chicken. The last time I had the Chicken Katsu Curry from Wasabi, I recall they used smaller pieces of chicken katsu. Today, I was given 2 big pieces which I’m grateful for. The curry sauce as usual is gooey and flavourful with bits of carrot and onions. Curry sauce and sticky Japanese rice, a match made in heaven…


My advice to you, if you want to try Wasabi’s Chicken Katsu Curry, spare yourself the stress of queueing up at the Canary Wharf branch since there are so many other Wasabi outlets out there.


385 Cabot Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 4QS
0207 719 6247


7 thoughts on “Chicken Katsu Curry – Wasabi, Canary Wharf

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