Indonesian Platter – Kota Satay, Old Spitalfields Market


I had comments this week from colleagues in the office saying by now, I must have exhausted the eateries around the area. They find it hard to imagine there are still places I have yet to blog about. Well, today’s place is one of those that is still in my “to blog” list. I still have quite a few left up my sleeves so watch this space.


Kota Satay is another one of the takeaway stalls in Old Spitalfields Market, located along side Keke, Carribean Cafe and Misha. Most of the items on the menu are pre-made and can be seen in the steam table. The chefs in the small kitchen at the back of the shop cooks when there is a need to top up the steam table. I think the turnover is pretty quick especially during lunch time so the food can be considered freshly cooked.

Looking at the menu, there are only a few main dish options and most of the dishes can be combined with either fried rice or fried noodle which make life easier for those undecided. I went with the Indonesian Platter with noodles and handled over £6.50 for my choice. For £6.50, you get a heap of fried noodles with vegetables, 2 sticks of chicken satay and a big spring roll. Most of the other options cost either £5.50 or £6.


I have always been dubious about pre-made dishes with noodles or rice combination places. Reminds me of all the similar stalls in Camden Lock market where though the food looks good, taste wise can be pretty foul. Luckily, Kota Satay more than lived up to my expectations, perhaps I was not expecting much in the first place. The noodles were nicely fried, still chewy with crunchy slices of cabbage and nicely seasoned as well. The curry sauce I chose instead of peanut sauce offered was tangy and on a sweet side but tasty nonetheless. The chicken satay has a mild but pleasant marinade, I have never really been a big satay fan so this will always be a meh for me. The spring rolls was crunchy and filled with bean sprouts and other julienned veg. For once, spring roll that is not just purely skin.

So not as bad a lunch as I thought it would be. Overall, pretty satisfied.

PS: Do add some chilli paste from the container under the counter. Adds some zing to your meal.

Kota Satay
Old Spitalfields Markets
Commercial Street
London E1 6BG


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