Chicken Chilli Stew and Healthpot – Crussh, Shoreditch Boxpark


There must be something wrong with Junk these past couple of days. Yesterday she turned down the offer of KFC from Boom and today she is having soup and salad! Perhaps the taunt of her growing little pot is getting to her. Just cut down on the booze and you’ll be fine I say! Anyway, decided to have something healthy for lunch today and remembered there is a Crussh outlet at the Boxpark which I have yet to review.


I have tried Crussh before, at their Canary Wharf, Jubilee Place outlet back when Boom was still my lunch buddy. The joint serves a variety of food from wraps, salads, hot stews, soups, fresh juice and smoothies. Crussh focus on healthy and fit food while not sacrificing on taste.



From the myriad of choices, I was stuck with what to have. Did not fancy the 2 hot stews on offer today as they are both vegetarian. Was considering their zero noodle (well, not exactly zero calories, but pretty low) but was not going to eat it straight away when I’m back in office which means the noodles might get soggy. The server was helpful enough to suggest perhaps I might like to have one of their soups? So I went for a large Chicken Chilli Stew. Do not be confused by the Hot Stew and the Chilli Stew. The Hot Stew is served on rice while the Chilli Stew is grouped with the soups and is served like a soup. Also added a Harissa, Chickpea & Quinoa Tzatziki Healthpot. The stew cost £4.45 while the Healthpot was £2.25, not too expensive but not exactly cheap either.


The Chicken Chilli Stew is made up of minced chicken, kidney beans, chunks of capsicum, tomatoes and celery. The tomato based broth is flavourful with a hint of heat and cumin. Was a bit dubious that chicken is used as chilli is usually made with minced beef but I think the substitution worked. If beef was used, it would have been too rich to eat on it’s own.


As for the Healthpot, that was pretty good as well! The cucumber in the tzatziki provided the crunch while the yoghurt gave it some creaminess. The harissa provided the spicy element without being too overpowering. Suggest that you rinse your mouth well after eating this as you don’t want bits of quinoa stuck between your teeth!

Overall, a very good meal indeed. I feel satiated and knowing that I’ve only consumed 442 kcal makes me feel like a saint! (all nutritional information available from Crussh’s website)


Unit 59 Boxpark
2-4 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6GY


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