Jerk Sausage Wrap & Chicken Dumpling Soup – Mama’s Jerk Station, Ely’s Yard


It’s raining cats and dogs during lunch today so can’t venture far for my daily lunch forage. Darn the English weather! Luckily, food is never far away at my Brick Lane office and decided to eat from one of the food stands at Ely’s Yard.


Mama’s Jerk Station is one of about 5 stands at Ely’s Yard and unlike the Orange Buffalo and Turner & Roast food trucks, are only around on Fridays. The Singapore Noodle stand and Mama’s Jerk Station are regulars while the rest comes and go. The stalls start setting up around 1100 and packs up after 1400ish. So specifically for the lunch crowd.


As I was keen to try both the wrap and the dumpling soup (perfect soup weather!), I went with the Jerk Sausage Wrap and the Chicken Dumpling Soup. The wrap cost £5 while the soup if £3. Pretty steep for the volume.


Everything happens on the small portable grill at this stall. The dumpling soup is heated up in a little pot while the sausages are cooked in a pan before being transferred to the grill char up with lashings of jerk sauce. Some sliced up jerk chicken was added to the dumpling soup so I get to taste both jerk protein.


Apart from the sausage, some salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, corn and peas are added to the wrap. I asked for both mayo and hot sauce to be added and I was glad I did. The sausage is nice, firm and not too fatty. Could be made better with more seasoning and I don’t think the jerk sauce lashed on while grilling made a difference. The only spice I taste in the wrap is from the hot sauce.


The soup should be called a stew instead. It’s thick and hearty, perfect for the rainy weather. Lumps of flour dumpling intermixed with black eye peas, kidney beans and the sliced jerk chicken. The jerk chicken is more successful as I could taste the smokiness of the jerk seasoning even when it’s mixed with the soup.

Understand Mama’s Jerk Station camps out at the yard outside the Vibe Bar every weekday after 1700 and whole day during weekends. Can understand the appeal of a jerk wrap after a couple of pints. So do pay them a visit if you are around.

Mama’s Jerk Station
Ely’s Yard and The Vibe Bar
Old Truman Brewery
91-95 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL


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